Window Tinting

Window tinting is a thin plastic tint that is applied to glass surfaces inside vehicles and boats and to the inside or outside of glass on homes and commercial buildings. There are many ways that window tinting can be done, with the most common method is the use of a UV (ultraviolet) light. The purpose of the ultraviolet light in window tinting is to help block out visible wavelengths of the sun’s rays, while allowing enough light to pass through to allow for proper viewing inside a car or boat. However, window tinting doesn’t always have to include the use of an ultraviolet light, which may not be the best option for some people. There are other options available to those who are looking for window tinting that are better suited for them.


Window Tinting Leads

One of the first window tinting options that most people look into when they’re considering window tinting is the use of spray on window tinting. These are the easiest types of window tints to apply and can be applied by almost anyone, even if you don’t know much about applying window tint at all. However, spray on window tinting may not be the right choice for some people, because it often leaves behind streaks or even small holes in the glass that are difficult to repair. This is especially true if the window tinting is being used to cover a small area, because it may not be able to cover a larger area without leaving a hole in the glass. If you do decide to use spray on window tinting, make sure to follow the instructions closely, so that it does not leave a hole in your car or boat glass.

Another popular option for window tinting is the use of tinted film. These types of window tints are often coated in a special type of film to give the window a smooth surface, but they can also be applied on a smaller scale by simply using a stencil. This is usually more expensive than using spray on window tinting or using tinting kits that are pre-coated in a special type of film. However, it can still be a good option if you’re looking to save money on window tinting, and if you don’t mind the imperfections in the finished product.