Wildlife Removal Equipment

Wildlife Removal Texas Professionals offer complete nuisance wildlife management services through their network of wildlife and bird removal specialists. Wildlife removal generally entails various work areas including: pest control, pest inspection and removal, trapping, bagging, and euthanasia. Most of the Wildlife Removal Services offer specialized and individualized wildlife removal services to residential, commercial and agricultural users. This is done with the assistance of experienced wildlife professionals that are skilled and trained to safely remove wildlife and birds. Most of the Wildlife Removal Services also offer wildlife bird removal, including: Texas Bird Rescue, Birding and Wildlife Bird Sanctuary and Texas Birding Safari.

Wildlife Removal Leads

Wildlife Management in the City of Houston is provided by: Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HP&R), Houston Parks and Zoo, Houston Zoo, Audubon Society of Houston and the Wild bird and Wildlife Resource Center. Wildlife removal includes a wide range of services including; pest control, wildlife inspection and removal, trapping, bagging, and euthanasia. Each service is performed to ensure a safe and healthy environment for wildlife and birds. These services are also performed to help save wildlife and birds from possible extermination.

Wildlife removal in the city of Houston has been around since 1930. This type of service is highly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Texas Health & Safety Commission (THSCC). Environmental Services Houston (ES Houston) is the governing agency in charge of enforcing the environmental laws, rules and regulations relating to the protection of wildlife and birds in Houston. Environmental Services Houston oversees all wildlife and bird removal activities within the city.