What is Pay per Leads?

Pay per Leads is the practice of paying a website or blog owner for each lead they generate.

Pay per Leads for Masonry Leads

PPL campaigns are popular with bloggers who want to monetize their content and site owners looking to increase organic traffic.

How does PPL work?

Bloggers publish articles on their blogs that contain links back to your business’ offer, which ensures an easy conversion path from blogger-to-business. The more people click through your link in the article’s text, the higher payment you’ll receive at campaign’s end when compared against other offers received by this publisher during that time period .

*The following sentence should be formatted as bullet points:*

-There are two types of pay per leads programs: CPA (cost per acquisition) and CPL (cost per lead).

-The first type, the cost per acquisition program, yields a payment when someone completes an offer.

-In contrast, with the second type of pay per leads – called cost per lead programs – you receive money on each person that clicks through to your site or offers page after reading blog posts published by bloggers in your campaign .