What is Pay per Leads? What does it for Your Pest Control Leads?

How does it work? What are the benefits of Pay per Leads for Your Pest Control Business.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Pay-per-Leads and how they can help your pest control business grow!

Pay per Leads for Pest Control Leads

What is a lead? Why should I care if my leads come from paid ads or organic search results?

A “lead” in marketing speak refers to an initial contact with someone who shows interest in what you have to offer. When used properly, each one of these contacts has potential value – even though that may not always be immediately clear at first glance. A good way to illustrate this point is through examples: Let’s say somebody searches on Google for term like “pest control for termites” and sees your company’s ad on the search results page.

In this scenario, you may be happy to know that they are a “potential lead.” This is because there are many reasons why someone might do an online search like this. They could have been looking for general information about pest control in their area or just stumbled upon it by chance while browsing around the internet – anything from widespread media coverage of pests if they’re current events, to Google Ads (which we’ll get into more below). In either case, you can’t tell what their intentions were when they clicked on your link other than knowing that they at least expressed some level of interest in your product/service.