Ways to Gather Siding Leads Repair Leads

What are some ways I can gather siding leads?

-Offer a coupon code on your website or social media pages. It will provide an incentive for customers who may be hesitant about potentially high repair costs, and it will also allow you to capture contact information in case they need follow up assistance later on.

Siding Leads Repair Leads

-Target areas where people have been experiencing hail storms the last few months and offer free inspections of their roofs as well as materials pricing at no cost (free consultations). You’ll find these opportunities by visiting local schools and churches first because many times this is when these events occur.

-Talk with your local roofers to see if they need any help in giving free estimates for people who have found out there are hail damage on their roofs, or want more information about fixing the problem themselves without needing a professional contractor.

What are some ways I can gather repair leads?

-Invite all of your customers (old and new) to fill out an inquiry form so that you’ll be able to contact them after receiving it should they experience damages from a storm or have questions. This will give them the opportunity to get connected with other contractors as well while getting quotes for repairs instead of relying on just one company alone. They may also be interested in learning how much materials cost before deciding whether this is the best option for them.

-Make sure you have a section on your website dedicated to repairs so people know they can always come back when needed, and offer promotional coupons if they purchase materials from another company before contacting you.

-Invest in getting out more advertisements by placing free classified ads or online banner ads as well as using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn that will help make contacts easier to find since most of these connections are already established there. This is also helpful because it means not having to contact every single person personally about their needs – only those interested in what’s being offered may see an ad first!