Ways to Advertise Your Pest Control Leads

Advertising for pest control leads can be done in a variety of ways. Below is an overview of some approaches that work well and are often used by professionals:

Advertising for Pest Control Leads

-Pest Control Leads Advertisement on Social Media – Picking the right social media platform to advertise your pest control leads will depend largely on who you want to reach. A good rule of thumb would be, if you’re going after homeowners, Facebook offers great ability to target specific demographics like home owners with children or those living in suburbs; while LinkedIn does a better job at targeting business owners and people looking for new jobs.

-Print Advertising – Print advertising may not seem as popular as it once was because most companies have moved their marketing efforts online. If one really wants to advertise their pest control leads, print ads are not a bad option. They have the advantage of being able to go into detail and show images that might be difficult or impossible to share on social media platforms.

-Radio Advertising – Radio advertising is great because it’s inexpensive and allows for more creativity than many other forms of advertisement when you’re talking about pest control leads. You can use sound effects or music in your radio ad which will make it memorable and stand out from competitors’ commercials over time.