Using Google Ads As A Lead Generator

The Google Ads campaign for window tinting has been a success. In the time it’s taken me to write this post, I’ve received four phone calls from people who found my smartphone glass repair business via their desktop computer screens. Why are they coming in?

Google Ads for Window Tinting Leads Business

Well, that’s because these individuals were looking up things about windows and window films when suddenly our advertisement popped up on screen as one of many sponsored ads shown by Google AdWords. It turns out that we’re also getting clicks from those who have seen our website before too which is an even bigger benefit!

What Can Be Learned From This Campaign So Far

This newfound source of traffic (both online and offline) can be used to further grow my company – meaning more jobs for the local workforce. In addition, I’ve been able to increase my marketing budget with these clicks in order to grow awareness of our services and reach more potential customers.

The most important lesson learned so far is that creating a strong internet presence can only help your business – not hurt it!

Some Tips For You:

– Use Google AdWords to reach more customers

– Create a strong internet presence!

Google Ads is a program where you can pay Google to advertise your company, products, or services on their search engine. This service reaches approximately 77% of all internet users in the United States and 90% of people who use smartphones!

What are the benefits?

– You only pay when someone clicks on your ads – meaning it’s cost-effective for small businesses (you set a budget!)

– Reach customers near home with targeted advertising based off location data from Google Maps .