Using Facebook Ads for Your Towing Leads Business

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for your towing leads business. A study by the University of North Carolina found that Facebook ads are more effective than Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram in generating sales (by about 50%). You can use this advantage to reach even wider audiences with advertising on Facebook. The company offers targeting options so you can focus on people who might be interested in what you have available to offer them- such as cars they need towed or wreckers! And it only costs $0.30 per click which rivals Google Adwords at just over one tenth the price ($0.32).

Facebook Ads for Towing Leads Business

The benefits of using Facebook Ads go beyond traffic numbers from potential customers and includes finding new places to advertise like closed groups, pages, events or even the News Feed. Your ads will be seen by people who are already on Facebook and looking for your type of business, so you’ll get a higher level of engagement than if you were to target them through search engines or other media outlets like TV commercials.

Facebook is also integrated with Instagram which means that when someone clicks on one of your ads they have the option to follow you there as well!

The process for creating an ad includes selecting images or video footage from YouTube or Vimeo, adding text, targeting options and pricing information before posting it online for others to see. If you’re not sure what kind of content would work best then test out different types until something sticks- but don’t forget about specifying certain demographics in order to increase your chances of success.

Once you’ve created your ad there’s a few simple steps to follow in order to make sure it gets seen by the right people: Edit the specifications for who can see this post, change how much money is being spent on each day and week, limit when ads are shown with specific dates or times (i.e., weekends only), set an end date so all advertising stops after that point–and don’t forget about budget limits!