Using Facebook Ads For Pest Control Leads Businesses

The pest control industry is a $40 billion dollar market with new businesses happening every day. In recent years, the number of Facebook users has increased from 300 million to over 900 million monthly active users making it an incredible advertising platform for reaching out to potential customers and getting them in your door. Here are some proven ways that you can use Facebook Ads to get more leads into your business:

Facebook Ads for Pest Control Leads Leads Business

Option One – Set Up Your Offer For Any Price Point You Want What many people don’t realize when they set up their ad campaigns on Facebook is that there’s no cost for bidding on different keywords at different price points! As long as your offer makes sense, this will allow you buy ads targeted towards people looking specifically for something like pest control services for a low price or high price.

Option Two – Include A Call To Action Link In Your Ads One of the most important things to remember when you’re advertising on Facebook is that people are scrolling through their newsfeeds so fast and they want to know what’s in it for them right away! Including a call-to-action link will make your ad stand out as well as provide an opportunity for someone who might be interested in pest control, but doesn’t have time now, to click over to your website at another point. This way you’ll still get leads even if they don’t take action during this browsing session.

Option Three – Add Social Proof (Especially From Customers) There’s nothing more convincing than a thumbs up or a review that says “I’m satisfied!” Make your ads more compelling by adding social proof, testimonials from happy customers are especially great.

Option Four – Include A Strong Headline There’s nothing worse than getting excited about an ad only to see the headline is something like “Learn More” which doesn’t seem very interesting. Instead of using vague headlines and no images, try including clear headlines with strong copy in both text and image form as well as include a photo of yourself that shows you’re trustworthy (or even better: selfies with current pest control clients!).

Option Five – Build Your Own Website And Use Facebook Ads For Pest Control Leads Businesses! If there was ever one way to get leads for your business, it would be having a site where you can build your own database of leads and then advertise to those people on Facebook. Even better: You don’t have to spend money advertising to them for the first time!

Option Six – Use A Landing Page To Capture Notifications Nowadays there’s so many different types of Pest Control services that are offered other than just extermination or termite control like pest prevention, rodent removal, bed bug treatment etc. This makes it even more important for someone looking for an exterminator in their area (a potential lead) has options with one click rather than making them search through all the relevant categories. Add this by including a landing page as part of your ad campaign.”