Tree Service Equipment

When a tree service shows up in an old pick-up truck, this might be an indication of an undesirable or less than desirable tree company. A reputable tree company should always have a pickup truck with an enclosed dump compartment for the equipment. This enclosed dump area is usually the locked storage box which houses the harvested wood chips from the tree chopper. Some tree services will not take a full tree or will refuse to use a full-sized pick-up truck when delivering their equipment.

Tree Service Leads

The equipment on the truck should also be inspected. For example, there is no need to have a chain saw if the tree services are cutting down a smaller tree. Some tree services are also less cautious about the equipment and are not able to clean it thoroughly as required. While tree services will provide a good description of the equipment on the truck, it is always better to request to see the actual equipment. It is important to have the actual equipment in your hands before signing a contract.

In many cases, tree services will offer a guarantee. Many tree services will offer a two year guarantee and many others will offer a ten year guarantee. A ten year guarantee gives the customer peace of mind and the tree services can continue to use the equipment until it has been fully paid for. Before a tree service guarantees their equipment, they should verify that all parts are in working condition. The guarantee is a sign that the tree services will honor their promise if problems do occur during their tree removal. The guarantee should be posted on the truck. Some tree services will also offer an extended guarantee and some will offer a one hundred percent guarantee.