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When it comes to Towing your car, you want to make sure that you are safe with your vehicle. Many people make the mistake of not using the proper tools to properly transport their vehicles. This can cause damage to your vehicle. However, there are a few common mistakes that many people make when Towing that can result in damage to their car. Make sure that you follow these steps to avoid causing serious damage to your car. The next time you go to your car wash or auto repair store, try to take out your car and start up.

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Make sure that you have an emergency brake on your car. If you leave your vehicle on the floor, the weight can damage the frame and transmission. However, sometimes this is avoidable. Have you accidentally left your headlights on and burnt out your battery? Keeping a set of jumper cables within your car’s trunk can help you avoid having to call a towing company on the day of your car wash. Many cars that are towed for any reason should always be charged at least twenty-five percent of the actual cost of your car to keep it from costing you more money than you expected. Leaving the car for more than an hour or two can cause damage to the battery, which will require a replacement.

If you want to avoid accidents at the car wash, make sure that you use the proper tools to properly transport your car. If you can’t safely carry the car without damaging the frame or the transmission, do not tow it. Always use the correct tools to properly transport your car so that you don’t risk damage to your vehicle in the process.