Tips to Rank up Your Wedding Planning Leads Website

If you are a wedding planner and want to rank your website on Google, you need to do the following:

How to Rank Your Wedding Planning Leads Website

-Create blog posts that provide information about planning weddings. The more content there is, the better it will be for SEO purposes. Include topics such as flowers, dress shopping tips, list of songs for ceremony music requests etc. (Use keywords in post titles).

-Include social media links at the bottom of each page or blog with relevant hashtags like #weddingplanningideas or #loveisintheair – these can help drive traffic back to your site from other sources online. You also might include images from Pinterest because people share them constantly around this time of year. Be sure they are relevant to the article.

-Include a link back on your homepage or in other blog posts to all of these resources so that people can easily find information about wedding planning, without having to wade through different pages on your site. This also helps with SEO purposes.

-SEO includes keywords and links which help drive traffic from Google search engines – make sure you have them throughout your content! It will be worth it when someone is searching for “wedding dresses” and sees one of your pictures come up first because they are linked together well. However, don’t use too many keyword phrases like “wedding dress ideas” just once every few paragraphs; this tactic results in what’s called ‘keyword stuffing’ and Google penalizes you for it.

-Include links to other wedding related websites on your site in the sidebar or footer to give people more options when they’re looking for information about weddings. This will also help with SEO purposes, since these sites are linking back to your content which is good for you as well!