Tips to Managed IT Services Leads Repair Marketing

As a small business owner, you will need to be able to market your Managed IT Services. Marketing is often seen as the responsibility of the marketing department, but in this case it’s up to you and your team. Here are some ways that you can promote these services for repair:

Managed IT Services Leads Repair Marketing

-When talking with customers about their service needs or upgrades, inform them about how managed services could help prevent an outage like they just experienced. It helps create goodwill because if something goes wrong again and they’re automatically covered under warranty without having to do anything at all then there’s less customer frustration over waiting on hold for hours trying find out what happened and who to contact .”

-Mention the monthly fee when discussing repairs with potential customers. This helps them understand the value of a monthly fee verses an up-front cost.”

” “-Share your expertise by writing articles for inbound marketing. Share these with potential customers to show why they should work with you and not someone else.”

-“Talk about managed services when on social media, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Post photos of happy clients who have used their service and share their testimonials.”

-“Use email campaigns to reach out to previous (and new) customers asking if there’s anything that can be done better or more efficiently than before”.

-Offer free trials so people will get a taste of what it feels like to use Managed IT Services Repair instead of going somewhere else where most likely the pricing is the same.