Tips to Get More Calls for your Painting Leads Company

Having an Painting Leads Company can be challenging, especially when you’re just starting out. If the Painting Leads Company is experiencing an unexpected growth, it can also be difficult to keep up with all of the incoming calls and appointments. Below are some tips for how to get more phone call leads from your Painting Leads Company:

How to Get More Calls for your Painting Leads Company

-Start by making a list of what needs to be done in order to make sure there will always be enough people available to answer the phones

-Review current employees’ schedules and work hours

-Send emails or post on social media that ask clients if they would like their information forwarded so you can contact them about future projects – this may lead to new customers calling back looking for quotes

-Conduct audits of accounts where no one has been contacted in a while

-Provide a phone number for clients to call after hours

-Check voicemail messages daily and return them in a timely manner. If the message does not require an immediate response or you are unable to get back to the caller, leave notes on their account letting them know when they can expect your call back

-Ask current customers if there is any other information that would be beneficial for us to have from our Painting Leads Company Database so we may contact future prospects who could benefit from our services

In order for companies like mine that offer painting leads services (or anything else) it’s important that I make sure my team has enough time available across all of their schedules. The key here is being proactive about scheduling things, and not reactive.

For example, if we are about to have a busy weekend with no one available to take calls during the day, I need to start scheduling people for those hours well in advance of that time so they’ll be ready when it comes around. This also means making sure everyone is aware of how their schedule will work for current projects and future prospects as well – this allows them to prepare ahead of time too!