Tips to Get more Calls for your Masonry Leads Company:

– Make sure to pass out your business card with an offer:

– Always write down what you talked about on their card so when they call back (even if it’s weeks later) you can remember everything. This is also great customer service by following up. You don’t want them to feel like they’re being ignored or forgotten. It takes just as much effort to follow up after one week as it does two days later. The more attention we give our customers, the more loyal they will be in return and keep coming back.

How to Get More Calls for your Masonry Leads Company

– You can also offer a free home improvement consultation, and let them know what they’re getting with the consultation–that way you save yourself some time and get more leads by not having to answer all of their questions later on.

– If someone is looking for your contact information online, make sure that it’s easy to find! It might be in the least expected place or hidden at the bottom of an email signature: “Feel free to call me any time!”

– Be confident when talking about your services during meetings; never talk down about other companies’ work just because we don’t do something else as well as others do. Remember how competitive this industry is? There are plenty of other masonry company out there and we don’t want to lose any of our potential customers.

– Try to stay in touch through social media with your current contacts and that way the next time they need a Masonry Leads Company, you’ll be one of their first calls! This is also great because it’s just as easy for them to leave reviews or testimonials on Twitter or Facebook than if they have to call back over the phone.