Tips on Using Facebook Ads: Lead Generation

If you have been running Facebook ads for your handyman business, you may be tempted to stop. You will find that the return on investment from these ads has decreased and it is taking longer than ever before just to get one lead. Don’t give up though! Keep reading this article for tips on how to turn your ad campaigns around with some changes in strategy.

Facebook Ads for Handyman Leads Business

-Use demographic targeting to target a specific age, gender and interest over geography. This will increase your ad’s relevance and reduce the number of people who are not interested in what you have to offer.

-Try using retargeting ads with conversion campaigns for handymanship services (e.g., “Call us about fixing our leaky sink”) so that when these users come back from their Facebook session they see an advertisement tailored specifically to them on the page they’re looking at or near where their cursor was left off before they clicked away from it. Retargeting is one way companies can improve customer engagement by bringing customers back into contact with themselves again after being lost prospects due to time lapses or changing their mind about a purchase.

-Use Facebook ads to drive traffic from your website to a landing page, and then use the tools on this site (or any other CRM) that allow you to track whether those users become leads for your business’s services. This will help you determine which offers are most effective in generating new customers as well as identifying what content is driving conversion rates through the roof.