Three Kinds of Advertising For Car Detailing

For most companies in the car detailing business, advertising is one of the main ways to generate business. This type of marketing can be effective, but only if done right. Advertisements in local publications and on television are the most popular ways to get out the word about a company’s services. But where do you draw the line between marketing and blatant promotion? And is there a right way to advertise, or a wrong way?

Advertising for Car Detailing Leads

When it comes to car detailing, most people assume that the only people who should know about their car detailing service are those who work in the shop. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, a recent survey found that nine out of ten car owners were not even aware that car detailing specialists exist! So where is the line between advertising and blatant promotion?

The car detailing service industry is a highly competitive industry, which means there are plenty of players in this market trying to outdo each other with new services and ideas. In addition, customers expect to see all of the marketing they see when researching a particular car detailing service. While it’s important to include any and all advertising available, it’s also crucial to choose what kinds of advertising are appropriate. In this article we’ll examine the three common kinds of advertising: radio spots, print ads, and brochures.

One of the most widely used forms of advertising is radio spots. Most radio spots are designed to promote a specific service or product line. Most popular radio spots target drivers interested in deep-seat car detailing. Many of these spots will feature a colorful man in a neat uniform detailing your car, followed by an offer for a free detailed car in exchange for their contact information.

Another well-known form of advertising is print advertising. Printed materials such as brochures and pamphlets can serve many useful purposes. They usually contain several short sentences about the company, a few pieces of helpful advice, and a short spot telling about a special service or feature of the company. This print material can be left on public property, which may result in your company being listed in a local phone book or local post, or printed in bulk for mailing or distribution.

The least well-known kind of advertising is brochure spots. Brochures can be made at home or mailed to a targeted list. Brochures often contain some basic information, and a few coupons or discount coupons for special services or products that may be relevant to your business. Often times, the print brochure design is done in house, giving you more control over how your brochures turn out and allowing you to customize them for maximum effectiveness.