Siding Installation, Repair and Replacement Leads

Siding installation, repair and replacement is an important decision for homeowners. It can be a tough choice to make if you want to find the best option at the most affordable price. Fortunately for you, we have some tips on how to get started – with advertising!

Advertising for Siding Leads

– Start by creating social media accounts so that your potential customers will know about your services before they need them. Make sure all of your social media posts are written professionally and include links back to your website or Facebook page where people can follow up with more information. Be sure to use hashtags like #siding in order to increase visibility as well! What’s great about this strategy is that even after posting something new, it could stay visible due to retweets, likes, shares and loops.

– Once you start getting followers on social media, make sure to advertise your business in person by handing out flyers or putting up posters near major intersections. You can also take advantage of local home shows that allow vendors to set up a booth for free where they’re allowed to handout brochures as well! This is an excellent opportunity because it’s so affordable and the traffic is always high at these events – making them perfect targets for advertising! Not only does this tip help get the word about your company out there but it could have some lasting benefits too with people associating your name with their positive experience from years ago.  This will give them a reason not just to call you first when they need something, but to actually prefer you every time!

– Consider advertising on social media sites like Facebook or Google because it’s so cheap and there are plenty of options. You can pay a small fee for sponsored posts which will get your company in front of the eyes more than any other type of social media advertisement (around $0.25 per post). This is an excellent way to turn people who aren’t already customers into ones that come back again and again – what could be better?

– Last but not least, advertise with signs near busy intersections as well as by putting up flyers around these areas too so that drivers can spot them from afar. What this does is create awareness about your company without having to spend endless hours handing out fliers on the side of the road.