Reviewing the Ultimate Guide to Funeral Services

If you are planning a funeral or just want to provide support to someone who is going through such a time, The Ultimate Guide to Funeral Services can be a great resource. This book covers all aspects of the funeral service. It includes information on what to get for the funeral service, what kind of music should be played, what kind of flowers and other funeral items should be given and much more. The information in this book will make your transition to the funeral easier.

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The guide has sections on funeral services available in most cities. It also provides information on the different types of funerals and funeral traditions around the world. The book contains lots of pictures of various caskets and arrangements. The book also provides information on what you can do if your loved one has already passed on and what kind of services are available. The information provided in the book helps a person decide if they should opt for a traditional funeral or a more modern approach.


Funeral services may be planned as a single memorial service or a memorial service for more than one individual. The book provides solutions for situations when more than one person will be attending the funeral. The Ultimate Guide to Funeral Services contains information on how to plan the funeral, what type of music should be played, what kind of flowers should be given and what kind of memorial keepsake is appropriate. The book also has answers for situations where there are questions about funeral costs.

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The Ultimate Guide to Funeral Services was created by Lisa Nichols. She had been a funeral director before she decided to write a book on funeral services for all those who have experienced the death of a loved one. She felt that something like this could be beneficial to those who have lost a loved one and to those who want to plan a funeral. The book has helped thousands of families who were able to plan a funeral that was affordable and significant. It has inspired new families to make their own plans and to use the information contained within to plan a fitting memorial for their loved ones.


The book contains many pages that are dedicated to helping funeral directors plan funerals. It includes the types of funeral services, the hymn or song to be played at the service, decorations for the reception, funeral etiquette, and the funeral speech. Each of these is written with guidance and advice for the funeral director to follow when planning a funeral. The book also includes pages that outline different aspects of death, from those that occur at home to those that take place at a hospital.


Funeral services for the living can be just as important as those for the deceased. This book covers the same topics as the Ultimate Guide to Funeral Services, except that it addresses those who are living. A lot of the information discussed is the same, but it is a good idea to have some additional reading materials on hand in order to reference for questions later on. There are many helpful guides available on the web. The book contains helpful tips on how to deal with the funeral costs.


This is a handy little book because it can be taken anywhere and brought along. It is small enough to fit in a pocket and there are no color or sizing restrictions either. It could even be folded up and placed under the arm or slipped into a purse. The one complaint that people have about the book is that there is not enough content. It is not a Bible, so it does not contain verses from the Bible which may be needed by some who are considering a funeral.


Overall, The Ultimate Guide to Funeral Services is a valuable read for anyone who cares to understand how a funeral is planned and what types of things are normal. It is an easy read and something that will make many people think of familiar things when they are thinking of a loved one’s death. If a funeral is not what you had in mind then it will make the grief process easier to handle. It does have some good advice and practical suggestions that should be used by any family trying to deal with the death of a loved one. For anyone who cares to have a copy of this book it would be beneficial. If a funeral is in your plans then it will help to have this book so that you will have a guide to make the grieving process easier to handle.