Ranking Your Photography Leads Website

The first step to ranking your photography leads website is building links. Links are a cornerstone of the Google algorithm and the best way to earn them is through external sources by publishing guest posts on relevant blogs, forums or social media sites. The more quality content you publish online, the greater your chances for getting natural backlinks from other websites that share it with their audiences. In an effort to diversify where you’ll find opportunities for link-building campaigns in 2018, here are some new trends:

How to Rank Your Photography Leads Website

*Guest posting on smaller blogs will be even more beneficial because these sites have less competition among influencers who want to post there – choose wisely though since not every blog has high authority (make sure they’ve been around awhile)

*Influencer marketing will be a major trend as more people want to learn from the experts.

*Paid advertising through social media channels is always an option too if you can’t get your content in front of influencers or bloggers who could publish it on their site for free

*Syndicating blog posts and maximizing SEO efforts by re-publishing old content with new titles, tags and descriptions are great ways to keep Google happy

The second step to ranking your photography leads website is creating quality links back – so that when someone searches for “business photography” they’ll find you instead of another company’s lead gen page. You may not know all the blogs where photographers (or those looking for business photos) might hang out online but guest posting on other relevant photography sites is a surefire way to get noticed.

The third step to ranking your photography leads website is content creation. Too many marketers focus all their attention on marketing and forget about the most important part: creating compelling, high-quality content that people want to read. Content needs to be engaging – it’s not enough just for it to exist in order for you or Google search engine crawlers see its value. You need low hanging fruit with great SEO potential like lists, infographics, video tutorials and blog posts that offer something new and valuable (think of something readers won’t find anywhere else).

*Publish more photo galleries featuring different types of photographs *Post articles that are based off current events so they’re more likely to be shared on social media *Create a blog series based around a topic you know well and have already published many articles about

The fourth step to ranking your photography leads website is optimizing for mobile. Google has said that in 2018, they will start penalising websites who aren’t optimized for smartphones – so if yours isn’t done yet or doesn’t load quickly enough then it’ll rank lower than other sites with responsive layouts

*Use shorter lead conversion forms (less than 12 fields) *Make sure the site is easy to navigate from a smartphone browser *Test various page designs using A/B testing software before updating your live site design.