Ranking your Handyman Leads

Here are the steps to going from $0.00 in revenue as a handyman, to being able to charge rates that will make you happy and successful.

How to Rank Your Handyman Leads Website

– Establish your pricing

– Employ smart marketing including SEO and email campaigns

– Be flexible with your hours of work, but be consistent

Your website should also have a long tail keyword list. You should take the time to look up popular search terms that are related to the topic of your business. This will allow you to rank your website high for those keywords. It is also important for you to have a large variety of keywords because it will allow you to rank your website well with the different search engines. This is the only way that you will be able to effectively market your garage door’s business.

Set a competitive price that is attainable for the majority of your customers. This will allow you to have them as repeat clients, which is what every handyman wants. You should also make sure that you do not undersell yourself on the jobs because this will cause there to be too much competition in one area and it can result in loss of business if they are all working at similar prices. Try going with something more around average or slightly higher than average so that you can attract more people who are looking for your services but cannot afford expensive rates from other professionals like plumbers or electricians. Do some research into how much others charge in an area and then set a price somewhere between those two numbers.

You should also subscribe to a marketing automation software like MailChimp or Constant Contact so that you can send out email campaigns with new blog posts or services on your website. This will allow people who are interested in what you offer to stay updated and informed about the latest offers, while allowing you to make connections with potential customers without having to do any work! You could try setting up some automated response emails for when someone sends an inquiry into your business as well, because this way they won’t have to wait too long before receiving answers from you.