Ranking my Pest Control Leads Website

It takes time and effort to rank your website high on the SERP, but it pays off when you’re getting traffic from people looking for pest control services.

How to Rank Your Pest Control Leads Website

If you don’t have an SEO strategy yet, check out this checklist I put together of some resources that are going to help give you ideas about how to start:

The first step would be understanding which keywords or phrases potential customers might use while searching online instead of coming into your store directly. These words should ideally relate back to what service they need like termite extermination kingsville tx or lawn insect prevention los angeles ca. Choose one keyword phrase per area where you provide service and then brainstorm as many long-tail keyword phrases that relate to those areas.

It’s time consuming, but it will help you get ranking for your Pest Control Leads Website in Google organic search results by targeting the right people with the wrong pest-control services.

When I’m looking at researching my keywords, one of the first things I do is use a tool like Moz Keyword Analysis Tool or Ubersuggest which gives me ideas about what words are being searched most often on an annual basis. Once you know these key terms, you can put them into tools like SEMrush (which offers free trials) to see how competitive they might be for both paid ads and organics. Essentially this helps determine if you’re going to need an Adwords budget or not.

I also use Google Trends which can show me what people are searching for on a monthly basis in different regions and languages like pest control new york city or exterminator san francisco bay area so that I know when there is the most traffic looking for those services.