Rank Your Locksmith Website

Businesses need to show up in Google search results for their services and expertise. This is not difficult when they have a lot of backlinks pointing to them, but what about the locksmith industry that has just one or two locations? It can seem impossible at first glance, until you remember that there are other ranking factors like domain authority and page visibility. If these get optimized it will help your SEO rankings overall.

How to Rank Your Locksmith Leads Website

So how do we go ahead with optimizing our site’s SERPs? One way is by getting links from third-party sites via guest blogging or submitting articles on article directories such as Ezine Articles. Another option would be taking advantage of social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter among others; make sure to post links to your website in the appropriate category pages.

Think about how many times you have shared a link on Facebook or retweeted someone’s tweet, if that happens more often when moving from one page of content to the next, then it is worth spending some time re-organizing internal navigation structures and developing new categories for blog articles so as not to lose this engagement. Visitors will get used to finding what they need with fewer clicks which means less bounce rates too; plus there will be higher conversion rates due to visitors who are already engaged in what you’re writing about!