Pros and Cons of Hiring a Marketing Company for Wedding Planning Leads Business


-They have industry knowledge about wedding trends, what to do/buy for a casual or formal event, etc. that you may not be aware of as someone who is new in the business.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Marketing Company for Wedding Planning Leads Business

-Wedding planners know how to use social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram correctly which can boost your organic reach on these platforms tremendously

-You don’t need to spend hours researching local vendors (vendors are generally part of their service), they already have an expansive list of vetted vendors so all you need to do is approve them for the job.


-Marketing companies typically charge significantly more than just hiring a freelance marketing consultant because they include things such as planning services and vendor connections with their fees .

-You won’t get the personal touch and relationship with a freelancer who you can consult whenever you need to.

This means that if all of your wedding vendors are on board, then it may not be necessary for them to manage any aspect of the event outside of social media promotion or speaking engagements – but this is also where it gets tricky because while these aspects will undoubtedly cost less money in comparison, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work out better in terms of profit margins (or even return). In some cases though, you might find that by outsourcing marketing tasks altogether instead of handing them off to a freelancer, you’ll get better results.

This may be something that’s important to keep in mind if all of your vendors are on board already – it just means that they would take care of marketing tasks instead of freelancers for things like social media promotions or speaking engagements (again, this will likely cost less money).

The downside is there’s no guarantee these things will work out as well when compared to outsourcing them to an independent consultant. It might also be worth noting that because wedding planners have industry knowledge about trends and what types of events people host at weddings, etc., one thing they could do