Property Protection: Home Security Leads

Home security leads are a valuable commodity in the home and property protection industry. The average cost of installing surveillance cameras is $500-$600 per camera, so many homeowners have to pay for them out-of-pocket or through their homeowner’s insurance. This often presents an obstacle that makes it hard for companies to generate revenue.

Lead Generation for Home Security Leads

The process of acquiring new leads for our company is what we call “lead generation.” Lead generation, also known as lead conversion, is a term used to describe any activity that can produce potential customers or clients from an unknown group (usually through advertising). This could include door-to-door solicitation, old school word of mouth referrals by friends and family members about your business services/products, cold calling people on the phone without prior contact who might be interested in buying something you offer*, etc.

It’s so important because without new leads coming in, your business will be stagnant and lacking growth opportunities. Without lead conversion, you are unable to take advantage of sales opportunities that come up each day. Lead conversions can sometimes seem like a crapshoot or luck-based endeavor, but there are some concrete strategies you can employ to improve your odds. A few examples include: * Become active on social media platforms by posting often about your company services/products and commenting on other posts related to home security; * Create content for blog sites with keywords relevant to home security (a powerful form of SEO) and link back from these pages into our website where customers signup for their home security services.