Photography Leads Repair Leads

At the end of each week, we will send you a list of prospects. These are people who have recently been on our website or spoken to one of our representatives in person at an event and expressed interest in repairing their equipment. We do not provide email addresses unless they expressly supply it themselves when contacting us about repairs.

Photography Leads Repair Leads

We’ll give you information like company name, contact details (phone number or physical address), what items they need repaired, how much work is needed for those items, if there’s any additional comments from them that could be helpful such as a specific question they might want answered, etc., along with notes about whether the prospect has responded yet to your request for more info via email/telephone call back. This information will be provided in an Excel spreadsheet.

– At the end of each week, we’ll send you a list of prospects with details about what they need repaired and how much work it would take to do that repair. We don’t give out email addresses unless the prospect has given us permission themselves when contacting us about repairs.

The information comes in an Excel spreadsheet for easy sorting by company name or contact info (phone number or physical address). It includes notes on whether the prospect responded to your request for more info via email/telephone call back yet as well as any specific questions they might want answered from you since this is one way your business can specialize within photography leads repair leads – electronics and cameras both require specialized knowledge so if you are a repair specialist in one of those categories, this would be helpful.

– If you’re not interested in the leads or they don’t fit your business model (i.e., if you specialize exclusively in repairs for Canon equipment and there’s no need to take on Nikon requests), simply let me know and I’ll delete them from future lists.