Pest Control Customers

For most homeowners, pests are a very unpleasant reality of life whether it is ants termites or cockroaches, it’s almost impossible to ignore them but as long as you keep your house dry, it’s not too difficult to keep pests out of your house by using effective pest control methods. But, how do you market your pest control service in a way that will attract the interest of new clients?

Pest Control Leads

The first thing you’ll want to do is to make a list of the pests you deal with, either in your neighborhood or around your community, and call around to get a feel of your community and local phone book. This will give you a good idea of what the local pest control services are offering. For example, some companies offer a free inspection, which means they check your home and give a written report about any issues they have. Other services may charge for an initial inspection or may charge you for inspecting another people’s property.

When contacting potential customers, ask what type of pest control services they want. Some services only specialize in residential pest control while others have services that range from termite control, rodent control, Roach and bed bug control and more. If you’re already carrying pest control products in your possession, ask if you can provide customer satisfaction surveys before doing any type of marketing. This will help to determine what type of pest control company you will be providing you with.