Pay per Leads: How does it Work

Pay per Leads Leads Generation for Home Inspection leads provides guaranteed high quality new customers to your business at an affordable price. We are a nationwide direct marketing company that specializes in generating and delivering exclusive sales prospects to insurance agents, mortgage brokers, real estate professionals, financial planners, roofing contractors etc., which can be converted into paying clients.

Pay per Leads for Home Inspection Leads

Another thing with Pay per Leads Leads Generation for Home Inspection leads is that we are able to generate a continual flow of prospects and qualified sales opportunities.

Pay per Leads also provides exclusive marketing tools, such as lead management software, which aids in managing your client base more efficiently while reducing workloads by up to 50%. From our website you can search for the types of businesses in your area (i.e., roofing contractors) or type of business services offered (i.e., mortgage brokers).

Home inspections have been found many times throughout various courts cases to be an important component when determining damages due from a homebuyer’s lawsuit against sellers for misrepresentation about their property condition before closing on a sale transaction. This means homeowners who present themselves as potential buyers may have a higher likelihood of filing suit against an inspector’s representation in the sale agreement.