Pay per Leads for Window Tinting Leads

If you’re a window tint and detail shop, then our Pay Per Lead program can help increase your revenue.

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Pay per Leads for Window Tinting Leads

PPLs are an effective way to reach new prospects who might not know about your business yet. They also offer the opportunity for recurring leads by capturing contact information of interested consumers on their website before they call or visit the store. Incentive Marketing Inc.’s lead capture system will incentivize potential leads with discounts and other offers that drive them directly into your retail location where sales staff is ready to greet them! Consumers go online, find out what kind of vehicle they have and receive a custom quote for window tinting.

The system captures the shoppers information by filling out a lead form with their contact info, vehicle make and model, desired features like solar film or ceramic coating and an estimate of time needed to complete the job. The consumer then gets to select from our list of incentive offers which can include discounts or freebies that are only offered on the internet such as car washes, detailing jobs, tire rotations or oil changes. Once they’ve selected one offer you’ll be contacted about scheduling service at your location!

This program is perfect for business owners who want more leads without having to spend too much money on marketing strategies traditionally used in retails businesses such as TV ads or radio spots.