Pay per Leads for Roofing Leads

-As a roofing company owner, you’re always looking for new and exciting ways to grow your business.

Pay per Leads for Roofing Leads

-You may have looked into lead generation advertising avenues like radio or TV ads but found the price tag hefty enough that you just couldn’t afford it.

-This is where pay per leads come in handy – not only are they cheaper than expensive media buys, but they offer more flexibility with the cost of each ad depending on how many leads (or phone calls) you generate from them.

-In this article, we’ll cover the following:

Topic sentence. The price of lead generation advertising is expensive and can be prohibitive to smaller companies just starting out in business or those with low margins. While some people may have found success using other mediums like radio or TV ads, these can prove too costly for many others due to their high cost per contact rates that are charged based on impressions rather than leads generated as well as what you’re paying when someone actually calls your phone line. This is where pay per leads come into play – not only do they offer more flexibility because there’s no set rate for call volume, but they also allow you a way to start generating new clients without breaking the bank while still