Pay per Leads Benefits and What does it DO?

As a wedding planner, you are in great demand. You have many clients to oversee and responsibilities on your plate. And yet with all of these obligations it’s easy for indecisiveness or procrastination to set in when you’re not sure where to start next. The worst part is that if left unchecked this can lead to missed deadlines – which could potentially cost a lot more money than the one-time investment needed for pay per leads!

Pay per Leads for Wedding Planning Leads

The best way out of this conundrum is by setting up an automatic notification system based on follow-up emails from potential prospects who want assistance planning their weddings but don’t need any other services such as venue selection, catering, DJ rentals etc., called Pay Per Lead (PPL). For a one-time fee, you can have a program email customers who express interest in your services and offer them the opportunity to sign up for more information on their chosen service or package.

The benefits of this system are plentiful! First off, it’s an efficient way to take care of business by creating a schedule based on preset parameters; secondly it saves time because instead of following up with potential leads yourself you’ll simply be alerted when they respond; thirdly, PPLs provide increased revenue generation through additional consultations which will help offset any lost opportunities due to indecisiveness. And last but not least – automated marketing is always better than manual labor!

Pay per Lead (PPL) systems use email notifications to help you stay on top of your game. They are designed to provide the following benefits:

-Automate follow up and increase efficiency

-Save time by eliminating manual labor

-Provide increased revenue generation through additional consultations which will offset lost opportunities due to indecisiveness (which may lead to missed deadlines)

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