##Painting Leads Lead Generation

I have been a painter for many years, and I can’t tell you how often the conversation about painting leads to one of my customers seeking help with their lead generation. You may be asking “what does lead generating have in common with being a painter?” The answer is actually incredibly simple: getting new clients starts by earning them!

Painting Leads Lead Generation

*Painting Leads Lead Generation.* If your business doesn’t generate enough prospects then it won’t matter if people are interested in what you do- they’ll never find out unless they’re introduced to your products or services. This means that marketing has an integral purpose in any company’s success; without it there would be no growth at all. So why don’t businesses invest more money into marketing?

Generating Leads Are Costly

One of the main reasons companies don’t invest in lead generation is because it’s expensive. It can cost a lot to hire marketing professionals, and that cost could be better spent elsewhere on other aspects of growth- like hiring more employees or upgrading equipment.