Painting Income

A Paint, Painting, or Interior Decorating professional makes a regular income ranging from just above sixteen thousand to twenty-four thousand depending on seniority and experience. Paint, Painting, and Interior Decorating professionals can earn an average yearly pay rate of Twenty-Six thousand five hundred dollars per year. Some paint, painting, and interior decorating professionals make even more money by hiring themselves out as freelance contractors. The majority of professionals are employed in commercial settings, usually in restaurants, hospitals, retail stores, and so forth. A few are self-employed and have their own small business from which they make a full time income.

Painting Leads

It is not uncommon for professionals to be employed in restaurants, cafes, salons, grocery stores, or as waiters. Most of them are responsible for painting and decorating the interiors of these establishments, as well as keeping their customers comfortable. These establishments generally hire professional painters or decorators from outside the business to provide their clients with exceptional results. Professionals working for the restaurant industry have many of the same responsibilities that an interior decorator would have in a retail store. However, they are responsible for a much broader spectrum of work. Many times, a professional who works for the restaurant industry may also do some house painting as well.

A well-established Painting, and Interior Decorator may be able to secure a job in one of the larger, more prominent businesses, where he can enjoy an extremely lucrative income and work from home at the same time. Working in a large company or a department store may require him to do many of the same jobs that he does in a smaller business. Many times, those who work in these large establishments need help from other employees on the floor to finish the tasks they have assigned themselves to complete before being called upon to do so.