Modern Home Security: Security Leads Advertising

The home security industry is taking advantage of the increased focus on cybersecurity and privacy. According to a recent report from ChannelAdvisor, ADT accounted for about 12% of online sales in total dollars among all monitored brands during Q415: up from 11% in 2014.

Home Security Leads Advertising

As more consumers make purchases online, these increases are likely due to an uptick in interest around this area as well as a broader awareness that they can purchase their own system rather than relying solely on the expertise of local professionals or institutions like police departments (which may not be able to afford sophisticated solutions) to protect themselves.

Home security companies have been focusing on this growing market, and the competition is heating up as a result of it. The current ADT-exclusive offer for Android users to get $500 off an installation fee or free monitoring (with no contract) illustrates how these firms are looking to attract new customers while maintaining their existing customer base with incentives like discounts on equipment such as wireless alarms, door locks, cameras and more.

However in order to keep pace in this constantly evolving market, consumers must be aware that they may need different things from one company than another based on unique needs such as budget size or level of expertise required to install certain types of systems. For example: Vivint offers package deals at lower price points if you want a fully installed system that includes monitoring.

A bit of research can go a long way toward ensuring the best possible fit for all consumers, so get out there and do some digging before buying!