Marketing Painting Leads

Painting is a powerful form of marketing. The art that folks see on the walls at local galleries might be your work and you may not even know it! Many gallery owners are seeking out artists to show their work in these spaces because they want to provide something different than what can usually be found online or hanging on someone’s wall. Whether people come for retail therapy, the latest exhibit, or simply just looking around town, when they walk into one of these venues there is always an opportunity for them become aware of who you are – if only momentarily.

Painting Leads Marketing

Marketing such business is very difficult and time consuming, so you should always be on the lookout for new marketing opportunities. One such opportunity is to partner with a gallery in your city or nearby that promotes local artists.

– You can’t show up at their door asking them to buy your art; they have too many other pieces of work coming through these doors each day

– Offer something different than what else is found online: experience an immersive installation, exclusive collaboration, etc.

– Find galleries near you who are looking for quality submissions from local artists (Galleries may not advertise this as it’s keeping their inventory fresh)

– Use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to help spread word about your work – but don’t forget about old-school methods like emailing contacts, mailing postcards to potential clients and even setting up a stand outside of their venue

– Work with galleries that are willing to give your art more exposure. Offer them an exclusive collaboration or installation in exchange for promotion of your work on social media and within the gallery space itself.