Marketing Moving Leads Campaign

A lot of people don’t realize when they have been using the wrong lead generation contact strategy. Your campaign should be based on what is best for your business, not some outdated marketing tactic that a company told you was “the hottest thing in town.” If you’re wondering how to find out if it’s time to switch strategies, here are five signs that might indicate it’s time:

Moving Leads Marketing

-You keep seeing different numbers pop up and go down from month-to-month with no correlation between them whatsoever.

– You’ve seen more than two new suppliers come onto the scene this year alone (whether legitimate or not) who all offer exactly the same service as yours but at wildly varying prices–and none of them can provide a solid enough answer as to why.

– You’re no longer getting any new leads from your marketing efforts and you’ve noticed that people are sharing links to the same service providers on social media, which could be an indication that they were all generated by bots.

-You find out one of your suppliers has been hacked and their database is now being sold online through unknown channels–which means someone who downloaded it might have had access to every customer email address in there (and more).

Or maybe you just found out about competitor hackers who stole around 16 million records with personal information like names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays…all of which was then leaked onto the dark web for anyone to purchase without having to worry about things like credit card security.

– You’ve been getting a lot of customer complaints about the service they’re receiving and you can’t tell if it’s because your company is actually providing poor quality or just that their expectations are higher than what your agency offers.