Marketing Mold Removal Leads

Mold removal is a service with the potential to grow as homes in new construction are built. The increase of home ownership and population growth has created an increased demand for mold restoration services, which now becomes your marketing opportunity!

Mold Removal Leads Marketing

As homeowners become more educated about the risks associated with moisture & humidity issues, you should be ready to meet that need by offering information on how to prevent future mold problems before they happen. Mold remediation companies can reach out through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for customer leads. If you don’t have such pages already set up then start today! One way that people find others on these networks is by searching various topics so make sure “mold” is one of them when setting up a profile page.

The best way to market your mold removal marketing is in a three-step process:

Step One – Update Your Website with Quality Content. Be sure you have plenty of information about the health risks associated with having a mold problem, some tips on how homeowners can better prevent future problems and contact information so people know who they are dealing with if they do need services. You should also include testimonials from previous customers as well as pictures. Make it easy for potential customers to find answers and decide what steps need to be taken next by providing them lots of great options!

Step Two – Get the Word Out. Once your website is up and running, start marketing! The best way to do this is by promoting your site through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. You can also add a blog that provides information on mold removal topics for customer’s who are looking for more in-depth reviews of services offered as well as tips from professionals about how to maintain their homes so there isn’t future need for such services.

Step Three – Stay Connected with Customers (CRM). A CRM system will help you keep track of all potential customers and those who have reached out requesting more information about what you offer because when it comes time they want service, then don’t worry if someone else beat them to getting started.