Marketing Home Inspection Leads

Home inspection leads are a type of lead generation that is valuable to any business in the home improvement, real estate or construction industries. The way they work is that you pay for an ad on this website and every time somebody clicks on your link it costs them $0.05 (this price can be adjusted). If they sign up to become part of your email list then you make money from their purchase at no additional cost.

Home Inspection Leads Marketing

So if someone clicked on my Home Inspection Leads Marketing link, I would get about 50 cents from what they bought off the site because there is not transaction fee credit card companies charge merchants like me, but marketers have built into their pricing model! This means that when people buy something I am making profit just like I would if they were buying from me in person.

I find it to be an incredibly fair system as the people who are clicking on my link get something for free and I make money at no cost, while marketers like myself have a way of making some funds without having to actually do anything other than pay for advertising space. The only downside is that every clicker does not always buy off the site but we will go into this more later on!