Lead Generation for Your Landscaping Leads Repair Leads

As a home owner you should always consider hiring professionals to do your landscaping and repairs. Not only will it give the finishing touches, but they can also help improve property value. The best part is that my company will provide leads for both services at no cost!

Landscaping Leads Repair Leads

A new study shows how homeowners who choose professional landscapers have higher net worths than those who don’t – which means more money going into their pockets by not having to pay someone else to take care of their yard work.

Saving time on maintenance easily pays off when considering what’s in your wallet: every hour saved works out to $30-$50 per year or about $500 over ten years from just one project alone (source). In addition, many people enjoy living in a neighborhood with well-kept lawns and tidy houses.

Also, a recent study showed that over 50% of homeowners are willing to pay more for their home if it’s in good condition.

When you consider the value not only to yourself but also to your neighborhood, hiring professionals is always worth the cost.