Landscaping Expenses

The price of landscaping on an average-sized lawn is typically about $14,000. Landscaping adds value to your house and increases curb appeal as well. Depending on what you use your yard for, landscaping can take on many different shapes from installing large trees, plants, and grasses to constructing a beautiful patio with walkways and gazebos. Some people like to have their home landscaped by a landscape architect while others choose to take care of the job themselves, but it doesn’t matter which route you go because the final price will be very close to that of having the work done professionally.

Landscaping Leads 

Most homeowners love their home and want to spend as little money as possible on landscaping, but it’s not always possible. Before starting your project, ask yourself whether you can afford to add new landscaping or if you would rather have it done by a professional. If your finances are tight, you may want to consider just using the materials and doing some minor yardwork yourself. If you do decide to tackle the project yourself, start with laying out the entire backyard and making sure that all the sections of the yard line up with each other. After you have finished with this task, you should take measurements of the space and place the planters accordingly. This way you will know where to place the bushes to the proper height. Make sure that the planters are placed at eye level with each other and that they are even with the ground.

Before you start, you should make sure the soil is level. The best way to measure the soil is to dig a small hole and fill it with water, then measure the depth that the water stays in. Once you have measured the depth, mark it off with a pencil so you can use it as a guide when cutting the soil. Make sure you have enough room between all the planters so that you have enough room to put your walkway or gazebos. Once the soil is level, you can begin laying the plants, bushes, trees, walkways, or other items that will compliment your yard.