Landscaping Customers

If you’re in the business of selling products and services, then you probably know what a pain it can be to keep up with all of the new developments in landscaping. While you may have heard rumors about print advertising being redundant, there are actually some simple ways that work very well today. Don’t want to have to send out dozens of landscaping flyers in the post? Another good alternative is putting up yard signs at the homes of your customers. While the idea may seem simple, these signs are often the only way for customers to actually see your company or its services. Therefore, if you can put a nice picture on one or more of your yard signs, it could bring you a lot of business from your customers.

Landscaping Leads

Companies who own lawn care businesses often take advantage of this fact by placing advertisements on their lawns. However, this doesn’t mean that your lawn should be adorned with just one advertisement. It’s more important to think about how you can incorporate several images into your yard signs. You can do this by using bright and vibrant colors and bold designs. These two factors help make your advertisement look professional and your customer base looks larger. You also need to consider the background of your advertisement as well.

Many lawn care services use backgrounds that look like they’re right outside of a window. This type of background is easy to place in a lawn sign, because people are able to read everything. However, people don’t have the same option when they’re looking at a sign on their property. To ensure that they have an easy time reading your advertisement and understand what your company does, you should use a different kind of background. When you use a lawn sign background that is different than the one that’s seen on your company’s home, you’ll not only have more people notice your sign, but you will also create the illusion of having a larger lawn.