Is Facebook Ads Effective for Masonry Leads Business?

Using Facebook Ads for Masonry leads business is a fairly new idea, but it can definitely be the right move for your marketing strategy.

Facebook Ads for Masonry Leads Business

Masonry contractors are usually looking to establish an online presence these days in order to reach their audience with ease and efficiency.  The problem that many of them encounter is how they go about doing this – specifically which social media platform should they use?

This post will help you decide if Facebook Ads are the best option for promoting your masonry service as well as offer some tips on getting started!

Facebook ads have grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. In 2016 alone, marketers spent more than $28 billion on advertising through Facebook’s targeting tools according to news from AdAge (and that was before Instagram was included in the Facebook family of businesses).

While $28 billion might seem like a lot, it is clear that marketers are not just taking their chances with this platform anymore. They know they’re going to get some results from an investment here – and you can too if your masonry business jumps on board!

The first thing you’ll need for setting up these ads is already having a good understanding about what people care about when looking at construction services. You can find out more information by checking out our post “Three Steps To Creating Masons’ Services Ads” but take note that in order to create successful ad campaigns, there needs to be a focus on three specific areas: Audience Targeting, Ad Copy/Design and Budgeting.

Audience targeting is often the first step in getting started with any advertising campaign since you’ll need to know who your target market is before choosing which platform will be best for reaching them (Facebook, Instagram or both).  In order to get a better idea of what kind of people are interested in masonry services, look at each social media site’s demographic information – Facebook and Instagram have this readily available on their ad pages.