Insulation: Importance of Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important aspects in a home’s make up, as it helps maintain an even temperature throughout the year while also regulating humidity levels and sound transmission between rooms. As such, those who install adequate amounts of insulation will see their heating costs decrease without having to use more natural resources or spend much time away from work and family . Energy efficiency experts recommend insulating ceilings with at least four inches of material when possible; however, any amount over two inches provides significant benefits for homeowners.

Insulation Leads Leads

Adequate insulation allows heat from outside sources (such as sunlight) to be reflected back to the outdoors. This prevents your home from absorbing too much heat and leading to an increase in cooling costs during warmer periods of the year.

Insulation also has a positive effect on sound transmission, which is why those who install it properly can reduce noise levels by 30% or more. As such, insulation helps homeowners sleep better at night without being disturbed by outside noises . It will also help you feel less stressed while trying not to disturb their sleeping partner with sudden movements throughout the day.