Increase Your Flooring Leads With Great Trades

If you are in the flooring business, it is likely that you deal with all different kinds of customers. Each one requires a different kind of service and there are often flooring sales leads for each type of customer. The type of flooring repair leads you receive depends on how well you treat each one. For example, if your customer buys a wood floor and then has a leak in it, you need to have a record of that so that you can offer them a discount for a future repair. Here are some examples:

Flooring Leads Repair Marketing

– Wood floors are great on warm days and comfortable when lying down. However, because of their material they are prone to moisture. If the customer has an issue with a dent or scratch in their wood flooring, your repair information about the damage will be helpful. You might be able to suggest a product that will not only help with the problem but will also make their floor look brand new. This is a great opportunity to build a relationship with customers that are in your contact list because you can offer them a discount on any repairs you perform.

– Vinyl wood floors are very durable and resistant to moisture. They are also easy to clean. Many people prefer vinyl floors over wood floors because they are easy to install and maintain. In addition to offering a discount on repair work, you can use this type of flooring sales lead to train your employees about the proper care and maintenance of your products. They will likely recommend the same product to friends and family, further increasing your reach.

– One of the toughest types of flooring to service is ceramic tile. The glaze is fragile and must be carefully removed in order to clean the tile properly. If the repair information in your flooring leads is correct, this can be an ideal opportunity to build relationships with customers who might need your expertise in this area. By offering free training or even a discounted tile cleaning when they bring in a floor repair, you will gain more flooring sales by adding this particular brand of repair to your repair arsenal.

– Tile and vinyl flooring can be very expensive and difficult to repair. Many people do not have extra money laying around to pay for these repairs. When you offer your customers a discount on tile or other flooring repairs, you are increasing your income from this one source alone. Even if a single customer decides not in the future, your business still benefits from this one sale. The better repair skills you have the more customers you will have in the long run.

No matter what type of flooring you have, you should always work with a company that has plenty of flooring leads. Building strong relationships with your customers can only help you achieve your overall repair goals. Your relationship with these new leads will build your reputation as a great technician and make it easier for you to call upon them at a later date for services. Building relationships with your customers can also result in referrals to you, which can help your income even further. This way your repair marketing dollars are not only going to continue to grow, but you will find that the profits of your main business line increase as well.