How to Use Google Ads for Mold Removal Leads

A blog post to show how Google Ads can help in the marketing of mold removal leads. We discuss what types of ads you should use and then go into detail about optimizing your campaigns for a clean, professional look that will generate more interest from prospects.

Google Ads for Mold Removal Leads Business

The first thing to do is choose which type of campaign you want: search or display. If you’re not sure, try both! Display has wider reach but requires less targeting than Search does so it might be worth starting with this one as it allows for broader ad possibilities and costs less per click on average when compared to Search ads. After choosing the right campaign type, start designing your mobile-friendly landing page using tools such as Optimizely (for A/B testing) and Unbounce.

The next step is to use the right keywords, which will make your website rank higher in Google searches. You want to target keyword terms that people are already using when they’re looking for a company like yours – so choose wisely! Check out these tools: AdWords Keyword Tool and SEMrush; also try adding negative keywords such as “mold removal” or “stainless steel”. After you have chosen the most effective search words, it’s time to create your ads. These can be either text-based (which stand out more) or image-dominated if you would prefer to show potential clients what you do instead of telling them with just words alone.

Finally, we’ll go into detail about how to set up your campaigns to look more professional and generate higher interest from prospects.