How to Use Facebook Ads? Lead Generation

The biggest mistake people make with Facebook ads is that they focus on driving business to a website, and not about converting the lead. This results in frustrated marketers spending money without generating leads or sales. It’s also common for smaller businesses to target huge audiences, which can mean an enormous amount of wasted time and spend. The solution? Managed IT services!

Facebook Ads for Managed IT Services Leads Business

– Targeting best practices: Target by interest rather than demographics; don’t overspend on impressions; continue testing ad copy until you find one that converts well (more expensive doesn’t always equal better); be sure your landing page matches what was promised in the ad – this will reduce cart abandonment rates significantly

– Finding prospects: Set up retargeting campaigns using pixel tracking to follow your prospect around the web.

– Converting prospects: Create a lead magnet or offer that will allow people who want more information to give you their contact info in return for it. You can also have an expert on staff provide free phone consultations, video demonstrations of how services work, support community forums and much more!

When setting up Facebook ads for managed IT service leads, use these best practices and tips so you don’t become frustrated with lack of results – instead focus on conversions which means business growth is just around the corner!