How to Use Facebook Ads For Your Moving Leads Business, And What The Benefits Are

Facebook Ads are one of the most effective ways to get leads for your moving company. Facebook is full of people who just moved or will move soon, and they’re all looking for a good deal on their next move.  Since you can target these people with location-based ads through Facebook’s ad manager, it’s easy to find them with demographics like home owner status, single parent status, etc.

Facebook Ads for Moving Leads Business

This article will cover how to set up an ad campaign that works well for your business – including what kind of images and text should be used in the ads so that only qualified prospects click on them!

One thing I want to mention before we go any further: make sure you have enough budget allocated to your ads. Facebook has a cost-per-click model, so the more money you spend per click on your ad, the better it will perform for you. Since many of these leads are in other cities or even states away from yours, don’t be afraid to spend $50-$100+ for a lead that might not be worth traveling too far to close!

The first thing we need to do is tell Facebook what type of product or service our business provides.  You should already know this but I’m going over it just as an example: if my company operates moving trucks and does commercial moves then “Transportation/Delivery Services” would work well here.