How to Market Pest Control Leads Repair

Pest control leads generate a steady flow of new customers for many pest control companies. These are not just people who have noticed an infestation and called the proper authorities, but also people who need to schedule regular maintenance or repairs on their homes due to previous issues with pests. Whether you do residential or commercial work, you will want to make sure that your company is attractive when it comes time for someone in your target market area to find a solution for any rodent problems they may be having now -or face later down the line. In order to take advantage of these potential clients, here are four steps we suggest:

Pest Control Leads Repair Marketing

Step One: Survey Your Customers For Feedback On Services Provided

The first step in marketing towards this lead source is to survey your customers for feedback on the services you have provided. If they are happy with the service, go ahead and ask if they would like to be contacted in regards to future pest problems of theirs.

Step Two: Capture Customer Information For Marketing Purposes

The second step is to capture customer information for marketing purposes. This can include things such as name, address, phone number, email address – anything that will help you stay in touch with these leads when it comes time for them to need additional work done or a follow-up inspection performed by professionals due to any new infestations their homes may encounter down the line. Capturing this info now ensures that you won’t miss out on potential business in case someone falls between scheduled appointments or needs a second opinion on the work you have done.

Step Three: Stay In Contact With Customers

The third step in marketing towards this lead source is to stay in contact with customers and offer them as much information about pest control services that they need when it comes time for their homes to be serviced again, including any inspections or follow-up visits needed due to new infestations. This will ensure good word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers who are pleased with your company’s customer service and timely communication.

Step Four: Have A Strong Social Media Presence For Marketing Purposes

Finally, make sure that you’re strong social media presence doesn’t go unnoticed by these potential leads! It may seem unnecessary at first glance, but the competition for these pest control leads can be quite high. So, take every single advantage you have to make sure that your company is at least seen as a viable option in this market by keeping up with social media posts and updates on new blog posts or any other marketing materials about pests!