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How to Get Free Leads for Your Lawn Care and Landscaping Business

How to Get Free Leads for Your Lawn Care and Landscaping Business

 Before we get too deep into this post, I need to give you a complete disclosure…there is no such thing as free marketing. Everything in the universe has a cost associated with it, and when it comes to marketing your lawn care business you may be tempted to assume that attending a bunch of networking groups, knocking on doors, doing meet and greets, posting on your Facebook and Instagram pages don’t have monetary costs so they are free.

But those things are not really free…

They all require time, which is really the most important asset any business owner has.  It is the only asset that you can never replenish. So, as we run down this list of low cost or free marketing ideas, just weigh the time investment these activities involve against the time you could have used working on your business.

With that little housekeeping note out of the way…let’s get into some ideas that won’t break your bank to market your business.

  1. Social Media posts:

Many marketing experts suggest you make regular posts to your social media profiles to help build your business.  In 2013 Facebook reported that only 35% of your fans actually see your posts. By 2018, the number had dropped to less than 10%.

I will let you do the math on what the number looks like based on your own fans and followers.  Of that less than 10% of your fans that see your posts, those are people that regularly engage with your page, which usually means your close friends, employees, and your mom. 

Only you can determine if this is a good use of your time. 

Facebook is an advertising platform and their paid ads will always take precedence over the organic posts.

Another point to consider…when was the last time you were on Facebook to find a local service provider?

  1. Create a Website:

It does cost money to set up and host a website. It doesn’t cost a lot of money– $10-12 a year for the domain, and less than $5 per month to host it.  Setting up your own website is not rocket science if you WordPress and some page builder plugins.  I can’t speak to your technological prowess, but weight that against your time.

You could hire a web designer, and the charges vary greatly from less than $500 to up to $10,000. And in all honesty—there is not much difference in the level of service you will get from a $500 web designer and a $10,000 web designer. 

The design of the website really doesn’t matter all that much as long as there is an easy way for your customers to contact you.  Many designers sacrifice this key business process—the sight looks sexy and cool, but they didn’t make easy for your potential clients to contact you.

Of course, none of that really matters unless people can find your business when the go on Google looking to hire a lawn care professional.

It used to be important to have your website ranked on page 1. But here’s the thing…your customers are lazy!  According to a 2018 study, 89% of web searchers looking for a local service will only click on sites that are the top of the first page before they have to scroll.

What is at the top of every local service category? Ads!

Now having a website is important, but is it worth a big investment of your time and money if you are page 3 and no one will ever see your company?

  1. Google My Business (GMB) Maps Section

Now this section is free, and something I personally encourage every business owner to spend some time to set up properly. Fill everything on this platform out! Upload lots and lots pictures of your business a few hundred will be perfect!  Encourage your customers to leave reviews! 

I am a HUGE fan of the Google My Business section! It is the #1 driver of free leads in every local business category. If you do you work right and are fortunate enough to land in one of the coveted top three spots you will see a massive growth in your business.


But here’s the thing…. everyone is gunning for one of those three spots, so the competition is going to be fierce!

And the cold hard truth…you may have already ensured you will never get in the GMB Maps section just by where you located your business!  Many contractors live on the outskirts of the city or even in a neighboring suburb so right from the git you have blown your chance of ranking in the Maps.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t do the GMB. Start accumulating those reviews because people do look at those, but unless you are running Google Ads with the local extension enabled you are not going to show up in the Maps section.

  1. Networking events and pressing the Flesh!

You know what I am talking about—the weekly breakfast meetings like BNI or the monthly Chamber of Commerce events. You pass out your business cards to everyone in the room and leave with a bunch of other people’s business cards.

Sure, it can be a nice way to get to know other businesspeople. But you will need to review the investment of your time to attend these events against the ROI.  I have belonged to these groups and generated some business from attending these types of groups.  But once I calculated my time investment to attend these groups, I always lost money.  I would have been much better off marketing my business in other ways.

Of course, there are other ways to press the flesh and meet your ideal prospects.  Some lazy landscapers will drop off flyers in mailboxes. Yeah, I said they were lazy. It is a much better tactic to knock on the door, introduce yourself, and personally hand the flier to the homeowner.  It will take longer, but that personal connection will leave a longer lasting impression than a random flyer that will immediately get dropped in the recycling bin.


Of course, the challenge with all marketing…how do I measure its effectiveness?

Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy way to predict exactly how many leads you will get for any investment of time or money you make in your business?

Phew! You are in the right place them!

Here at Quantum Leads we are a small business owner too. We know exactly the struggles you face when growing your lawn care business.

You need to know if you make x investment you will get y return.

And this is exactly what we for landscapers and lawn care professionals! We send exclusive live phone calls from homeowners in your area that want to hire you RIGHT Now!

You never pay for wrong numbers, telemarketers, or unqualified calls.

We want to partner will lawn care and landscapers that have a proven business, take get care of their customers, and are ready to grow their business! If this sounds like something you are interested in, click the big black box below and schedule a call with one of our ninja lead generation specialists!


Want a predictable flow of lawn care customers to call you!

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