How to Advertise Your Sprinkler Leads?

*The first thing to do is find your target market. Read your customer’s blog posts and see what they talk about most often. Make a list of topics that are relevant to them, then think about which ones would be the best fit for advertising.*  When you have an idea for a topic or two, write out some headlines with different variations on those ideas so you can test how people react to each one when it’s published in Facebook ads.*

Advertising for Sprinkler Leads

-Sprinklers: What Are They And How Do I Care For Them? (targeting landscapers)

-Landscaping Questions Answered By A Pro (targeting homeowners)

-How To Avoid The Dangers Of Water Damage When It Rains (targeting homeowners)

-Do You Know What That Water Mark Means? (targeting contractors)

*Next, create a Facebook ad for each of your headlines.*  Create an image that represents the headline, and write out what you want to say in the post. If you’re not sure how to do this or where to find some inspiration, check out our blog on “How To Write A Headline.” * Once those are done, set them up as advertisements so they’ll start showing up in people’s feeds.* When someone clicks one of these ads and lands on your website, they’ll be greeted by another form explaining who you are and why they should contact you about sprinkler leads. This is also where you can input any messages or calls-to-action that would apply to the audience who clicked on your ad.*

*It’s important to create these ads for each of your headlines so you’re not targeting the same people with multiple ads. You want them clicking through and reading more about sprinklers because they found it interesting, not out of frustration from being shown too many posts in one day.*